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Centre philosophy


Shaping the Sustainable Hydrogen Society through Research


We live scientific excellence in hydrogen research. 


Through research and development, we enable the expansion of a resilient renewable energy system and contribute to climate and environmental protection. 


Together with companies, we implement innovations and accompany technologies from the idea to market maturity. 


We stand for objective technology research for the holistic optimisation of the production, storage, distribution and application of renewable hydrogen in mobility, industry and households. 


Our results contribute to economic efficiency, safety, reliability, circular economy and reduction of emissions. 


We support teaching and training at Graz University of Technology to build know-how and scientific excellence. 


HyCentA acts as a focal point and independent information platform for hydrogen-related research and development activities. 


We increase the visibility of renewable hydrogen technologies through public relations, scientific publications and demonstration of the technologies in lighthouse projects. 


Corporate policy

Clients and partners 

HyCentA Research conducts research in cooperative projects and on behalf of companies at an international level. With our know-how from research and project management, we meet customer needs with innovative holistic solutions. High customer satisfaction is our benchmark. We understand the expectations and requirements of our clients and fulfil our promises in the agreed quality. 

Excellence and expertise 

The knowledge and enthusiasm of our staff is an essential foundation of our work. That is why we promote and challenge them as our most valuable asset and create an environment to contribute to innovation through research. Our qualified employees work in a results- and customer-oriented manner with first-class equipment and make the greatest possible contribution to the realisation of our quality goals by acting on their own responsibility. We are committed to the ongoing development of the long-standing and interdisciplinary expertise of our employees in order to achieve excellent results. We develop technological breakthroughs and live a balanced interaction between excellent research and 


Timely, solution-oriented and clear communication with our clients, partners and employees as well as with funding agencies, authorities and citizens is the basis for successful cooperation and knowledge transfer. Our topics are complex - that's why we inform the economy, politics and society in a comprehensible and neutral way. 

Trust, confidentiality, transparency and correctness 

We are aware of the importance of absolute confidentiality and secrecy in research projects and gear our daily work, processes and infrastructures accordingly. We stand for transparency towards our partners and commit ourselves to correctness in communication for a trusting cooperation. 

Technology and climate protection 

We develop climate-friendly technologies in connection with hydrogen - from generation by means of electrolysis to application in fuel cells or further processing into synthetic energy carriers. Our guiding principle of climate neutrality is directly linked to the use of renewable energies and the increase of energy efficiency. In addition, we develop technical and economic concepts for their integration into energy systems. We support our corporate partners in developing concepts and prototypes into successful products on the market. At the same time, we support politics and society with system analyses and recommendations for the successful implementation of the energy transition. 

Openness and independence 

HyCentA sees itself as a reliable cooperation partner for all stakeholders and is an independent research institution. As a research institution, we are open to contract research and research cooperation with external partners. 

Gender Equality Plan

At our research centre, we are proud not only on producing world-class research, but also making an important contribution to promoting gender equality and diversity in science. Our Gender Equality Plan is central to our efforts to ensure that women and men are equally represented in research and that all voices and perspectives are equally heard. We strongly believe that an inclusive and equitable research environment is essential to achieve the best results and address the most pressing challenges of our time.

The HyCentA Research GmbH sees heterogeneity as an important advantage concerning gender-specific aspects. At the centre, mixed teams develop the research program and the strategic direction of the centre. It is ensured that people of different genders and backgrounds bring in various points of view to help understanding and completing the full picture. The same is true for operative research, where well-mixed teams help to identify gender-specific issues early on and thus address them correctly in research. The implementation of a heterogenous environment and work team helps to anticipate different issues along the development process.

HyCentA strives to support equal access for all, irrespective of gender or ethnicity, to affordable and high quality technical, vocational and tertiary education, including university education, within itself and with all partners and therefore supports cultural change. The researchers and specialists are valuable and highly sought-after key workers. Individual and interdisciplinary training with continuous improvement represents one of the highest assets for every employee and ensures personal development. A significant addition to introduce cultural change is the implementation of gender-sensitive language. Additionally, specific training and awareness courses will be implemented to foster cultural change. The employees of HyCentA do also have the possibility to get in contact with the Working Group for Equal Opportunities of the TU Graz. It provides information and support in cases of experienced discrimination. The advice given is confidential and personal and can also be given anonymously. Members of the working group are not bound by directives and are obliged to maintain professional confidentiality.

Furthermore, the gender mainstreaming delegate supports the recruitment procedures and the development and implementation of human resources diversity measures. This includes screening and adaption of texts for job advertisements to ensure a gender-neutral form without indicating preferences for a certain sex or discriminatory wording in the sense of discriminatory formulations and the selection of suited female candidates. A specific focus will be laid on the possibility to fill leading and key positions with female candidates. This will be supported by the opportunity to manage teams or projects in part-time. This will allow female candidates with additional care responsibilities to advance their careers personally and scientifically, as this arrangement can also help to increase scientific publications by women.

We target a share of female scientists of 40 % by the end of 2026. The HR policy of HyCentA is going to develop, implement and execute a strong focus on gender and diversity issues, thereby fully taking into account the three objectives of the European Commission’s strategy on gender equality in research and innovation policy: First, fostering equality in scientific careers, second, ensuring gender balance in decision-making processes and bodies, and third, integrating the gender dimension in research and innovation content, i. e. taking into account the biological characteristics and the social features of women and men.

Our extended Vision: „Shaping the sustainable and equal hydrogen society through research”.