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Green Mobility

Area 3

The focus of Area 3's research is on fuel cell and hydrogen storage systems, especially for mobility applications. This includes PEM- and new AEM-cells, stacks and systems as well as optimised existing and alternative storage systems. The research aims at generating a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of fuel cells and storage systems in order to understand the phenomena and interactions related to performance and degradation in the context of costs and industrialisation and to tackle them. Relevant results for interface definition at the level of vehicle integration and fuelling infrastructure will be used to create the best possible basis for future developments. Key findings are used to optimise production and manufacturing in order to achieve rapid market readiness and economic efficiency.

Contact person Area 3


Area Manager

Dr. Patrick Pertl

+43 316 873 9510pertl[at]


Deputy Area Manager

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Zinner

+43 316 873 9880zinner[at]