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Circularity and System Optimization

Area 4

In this research field, user-friendly, seamless tool chains are developed to design resilient, cross-sector energy systems based on renewable primary energy and hydrogen. These tools can be used to develop operating strategies for PtX plants and to design business cases.
Novel test and measurement tools for fuel cells and electrolysis as well as underlying measurement and diagnostic methods are being developed in this research field. Main focus is on gaining insights into degradation effects, state of health and predictive maintenance. Efficient and cost-effective measurement tools and systems are being implemented for applications throughout the hydrogen value chain and comprehensive knowledge is being built up on the suitability and compatibility of materials in connection with hydrogen applications.
In order to design a circular economy, analyses and concept developments on systemic and economic market models and recycling potentials are synoptically transferred. In addition, future potentials of processes and technologies for recycling are assessed and evaluated on a representative small scale. An. LCA-model for recycling scenarios will be developed, leading to an environmental assessment approach that methodically compares new and recycled materials and components. LCA-based decision-making and trade-off evaluations are created to enable the use of recycled material or new resources.

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Area Manager

DI Stefan Brandstätter

+43 316 873 9508brandstaetter[at]


Deputy Area Manager

Dr. Thomas Stöhr

+43 316 873 9523stoehr[at]