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Electrolysis and Power-to-X

Area 1

Area 1 „Electrolysis and Power-to-X“ covers all technologies that serve the sustainable and emission-free production of hydrogen and chemicals for storing hydrogen. The most important technologies in the field of hydrogen production by means of electrolysis are the already more mature AEL and PEMEL, applications in the medium TRL range (AEMEL and SOEL) and promising research fields with low TRL (PCCEL). Complementary technologies being explored include water splitting by solar energy (photoelectrolysis) and the electrochemical production of chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. The goal of Area 1 is to further develop the technologies at all levels, starting with the materials, cell and stack, and ending with the system. Although the general goals - increasing lifetime and efficiency and reducing costs - apply to all technologies, the specific research approaches differ. In terms of increasing efficiency, design and operating strategies need to be optimised. Considering the long lifetime of electrolysers, there is a focus on accelerated ageing tests. With regard to manufacturing processes, Area 1 focuses on increased automation of manufacturing and assembly processes.

Contact person  Area 1


Area Manager

Dr. Marie Macherhammer

+43 316 873 9521macherhammer[at]


Deputy Area Manager

Dr. Bianca Grabner

+43 316 873 9525grabner[at]