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 HyCentA participating at the business run


On May 9, two teams from the HyCentA took part in the business run through the city center of Graz.

Carinthian Hydrogen Summit

At the invitation of the regional councillors Sebastian Schuschnig and Martin Gruber, the chances of using green hydrogen as a sustainable form of energy for mobility and industry in Carinthia were discussed.

VCÖ – Award Ceremony

The festive award ceremony of this year's VCÖ Mobility Prize took place on 17 September in the wonderful ambience of the Odeon Theatre in Vienna. Out of the 388 submitted projects, concepts and ideas on the topic "Promoting the Mobility Turnaround" for the VCÖ Mobility Award a total of 10 projects in 10 different categories were awarded. The project HYTRAIL - Hydrogen Technology for Railway Infrastructure won the category Research and Scientific Studies. "An important project to fully electrify the railway," emphasized VCÖ Managing Director Willi Nowak. The project consortium led by HyCentA Research GmbH is made up of synergesis, the Institute for Railways and Transport Economy at Graz University of Technology, the Chair of Energy Network Technology of Montanuniversität Leoben and the Energy Institute of Johannes Kepler University Linz. All partners involved have many years of extensive experience with R&D projects and were thus able to contribute their expertise in the best possible way.

HyCentA was represented by Mateja Gyurica, Patrick Pertl and CEO Alexander Trattner at the award ceremony, the Montanuniversität Leoben was represented by Julia Vopava.


First Stationary Hydrogen Refuelling System for Buses in Austria at HyCentA Research GmbH

The HyCentA operates one of the most modern research infrastructures in Europe with laboratories, test benches and hydrogen refuelling facilities at the Graz University of Technology. The hydrogen refuelling infrastructure has been extended in 2019 by a dispenser for buses and trucks with a nominal pressure of 350 bar. Thus, HyCentA operates the first and only stationary hydrogen refuelling infrastructure for heavy-duty vehicles with a nominal pressure of 350 bar in Austria.

In the course of a two-week trial operation of ÖBB-Postbus GmbH a hydrogen is tested in the Graz area. The bus is refuelled once a day and the full tank allows for covering driving ranges of approximately 350 km. The first test refuelling of the hydrogen bus took place on Friday, 9 August in the presence of representatives of Holding Graz, ÖBB-Postbus GmbH and Solaris as well as HyCentA employees.

Austrian Research Excellence on Expansion Path

The HyCentA at the TU Graz in Austria has been established as an international centre for research and development covering a wide range from industrial research to experimental development and demonstration of all technology areas of the hydrogen economy since more than 14 years. In the wake of The Energy Model Region WIVA Power & Gas (Energie-Vorzeigeregion WIVA P&G), funded by the Climate and Energy Fund, a series of projects funded after the first call has been the outcome of combined R&D activities in Austria, e.g. HYTECHBASIS 4 WIVA, Renewable Gasfield, H2Pioneer, HyTruck und UpHy. This project portfolio and the increasing engagement in the industrial research of fuel cell systems, electrolysis and hydrogen infrastructure contributes significantly to the extension of the team to 28 researchers. Moreover, the new CEO and head of scientific research, Dr. Alexander Trattner, will focus on internationalisation and specialisation in defined research areas. The HyCentA is actually one of Europe’s largest extra-university research organizations with emphasis on hydrogen technologies and is on its best way to international reputation.


The HyCentA (Hydrogen Center Austria) promotes the use of hydrogen as a regenerative energy carrier as well as the development of electrochemical systems and their peripheries. With its hydrogen test center, the first hydrogen delivery station in Austria and the most modern fuel cell system integration test bed in Europe, the HyCentA functions as a focal point and information platform for hydrogen-oriented research and development activities.


Due to the limited availability of fossil fuels and the increasing environmental pollution caused by the emission of toxic substances, research activities concerning the use of hydrogen as a future energy source become more and more important.
Hydrogen can be produced regeneratively and ecologically friendly and can be burnt ecologically compatible as fuel either in internal combustion, or in fuel cells.

However, for the widespread use of hydrogen, some technical challenges concerning production, distribution, storage and its utilization still need to be solved.

In order to ensure Austria’s top position with regard to research and development in the seminal area of hydrogen technology, as well as to secure its access to international research activities, a cooperation of several Austrian partners the Hydrogen Center Austria (HyCentA) was established on the premises of the Technical University of Graz. Compared internationally, the Hydrogen Center Austria with its high tech infrastructure represents a competitive hydrogen test and delivery center, which disposes of a high scientific and economic potential.