Austrian Research Center on Expansion Path

The HyCentA at the TU Graz in Austria has been established as an international centre for research and development covering a wide range from industrial research to experimental development and demonstration of all technology areas of the hydrogen economy since more than 14 years. In the wake of The Energy Model Region WIVA Power & Gas (Energie-Vorzeigeregion WIVA P&G), funded by the Climate and Energy Fund, a series of projects funded after the first call has been the outcome of combined R&D activities in Austria, e.g. HYTECHBASIS 4 WIVA, Renewable Gasfield, H2Pioneer, HyTruck und UpHy. This project portfolio and the increasing engagement in the industrial research of fuel cell systems, electrolysis and hydrogen infrastructure contributes significantly to the extension of the team to 28 researchers. Moreover, the new CEO and head of scientific research, Dr. Alexander Trattner, will focus on internationalisation and specialisation in defined research areas. The HyCentA is actually one of Europe’s largest extra-university research organizations with emphasis on hydrogen technologies and is on its best way to international reputation.