Presentation of hydrogen vehicles at HyCentA



On Wednesday, 8th of June 2016, hydrogen driven vehicles, which at present are used in Austria, were presented on HyCentA's premises.

After the presentation of Mercedes „HYCAR 1“ in 2009, which is a Multi-Flex-Fuel vehicle with combustion engine for petrol, natural gas and hydrogen, are the current hydrogen-vehicles consistently equipped with fuel cell systems. The energy conversion in the electrochemical cell shows a significantly higher efficiency. Hydrogen as fuel - environmentally friendly produced and emission free converted in a fuel cell - enables electric mobility with familiar functionality with long range and short refueling time.


Quotes from the welcoming speeches:

Rector of TU Graz Harald Kainz: "We would like to thank the shareholders MAGNA, OMV and FVT, who together with the Graz University of Technology have operated HyCentA as a research center for hydrogen since 10 years. I am convinced to face a prospering future in the field of hydrogen with the current political framework."

Local council Dr. Peter Piffl-Perčević: "The greatest dream of mankind was and is mobility. And today we see here the emission-free mobility of the future with electric vehicles with hydrogen fuel cells."

Univ.Prof. Dr. Helmut Eichlseder: "I am particularly pleased that we are able to present today probably the largest number of different hydrogen vehicles in Austria."

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Manfred Klell, CEO HyCentA: "By means of electrolysis, hydrogen can be generated from water and the fluctuating current supply from wind power plants or photovoltaics, which serves as a fuel for an electromobility without the fear of range."

DSC_5560   DSC_5322

Afterwards, a panel discussion took place, in which students as well as interested parties of all subjects were able to ask questions to the experts.